Tavazo's History since 1915
Tavazo history coincides with Qajar Dynasty since 1915 which “Haj Ali Yousefpour” known as Tavazo in one of the main streets of Tabriz city began to establish his business which intertwined with “Nuts” . As a result, a brand was created “Tavazo” put on its store as iconic brand and ever since “Haj Ali and his family” was known as Tavazo in the city. He was born in 1893 in Tabriz / Azerbaijan Province and spent his childhood and youth with his father helping farmers and garden keepers. In adulthood he began to cooperate with his friend “ Rahman Seresht” in a business field which until that period of time it was not taken seriously by anyone and it was Nuts Business, even though, Nuts Business as a means of business activities had a history in Tabriz but it was only sold in small grocery shops which was limited to few products, including, “Cannabis , Roasted Chickpeas, Raisins and Sunflower Seeds) of course, there was not contemporary packaging either ! Packaging was defined as “ Woven Sacks” and it was in that time which “Haj Ali” known as “Tavazo” established his business with few aforementioned products in Tabriz where the store still exists. In that time, Nuts consumption was not very common and part of daily intake and only in certain ceremonies and occasions people would consume nuts. Gradually, Tavazo has changed the habit by its delicate and fine selections of premium quality of products both handpicked and sorted nuts and made a hug difference in product offering and accordingly made consumers aware of these unique fine product selections, therefore, number of people consuming nuts on a regular basis was increasing. As time passed, product basket of Tavazo was expanding and more items were being added into it from nuts growing fields in Tabriz and Azerbaijan province . “Haj Ali’s sons” 4 of them were working a long with him for decades and nowadays each of them has created and established independent nuts and dried fruits business successfully.
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